Well, well, well

Well, well, well … another cast, another fall evening, another eviction. This one apparently comes complete with legal mechanisms being utilized. All very interesting. In true Rocky fashion, various theories and stories are being floated and not one has been substantiated yet. So let’s get to what I do know and can pass along.

I show up at the theater after the Aeros game (a nice 40 mile drive thank you very much). I get there early, hoping to absorb as much as possible of the final show at Southpoint. I meet the incomparable David Z. out front … and learn that there will be no show tonite. Something along the lines that there was either some attempted or actual theft of cast belongings and a movie reel (Rocky and something else being mentioned), location of said theived items in a dumpster behind the theater, criminal tresspass charges filed against a few people, etc, etc, etc. Put those notions in a blender and you get the jist of the variations of what transpired.

The move to the Nasa Whatever Dollar Cinema may as well be a move to Galveston for all I’m concerned with. And that’s even if it actually happens. I’m not sure I’d put money on it yet. Jarimie wasn’t going to make an appearance at the theater to let the cast know what was going on, so I guess we’ll find out about it via other methods later on. If it doesn’t happen, ce la vi. If it does, it’s time to look for other weekend activities. Oh sure, I’ll still traipse out to freakin Webster or wherever the new location is should it come to pass, but no way am I driving more to see a show that is now on precarious grounds.

In the midst of everyone arriving, Uber and I decided to go check the show at River Oaks. We tried to get Pete out there, but he wussed out. I’m making this a two-parter since the River Oaks show was another adventure alltogether. So let this tide you over for now. Later today, I’ll fill you all in on the hot chicks that came to the show, the hot chick who made me volunteer to play Rocky anytime she played Janet again, a few more hot chicks at a 24 hour restaurant, and a dog named Arnold. Trust me, its worth waiting for.

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